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Looking for affordable, fast, and convient cell phone, tablet and computer repair services? Look no further… Yourtronics Repair  is committed to delivering exceptional customer service. At Yourtronics, we take pride for being the industry leader when it comes to the repair of all iPhones and iPad models and all other cellphones, tablets and computers including both laptops and desktops not to mention same day repair – any brand, all problem, you name it! With top of the line experience in the business, Yourtronics’ skilled and certified technicians stand ready to address any electronic device issue. We also, offer free diagnosis on any electronic devices.

Yourtronics offer FREE diagnosis and same day repairs!

Here's a list of what we can do


Does your iPhone or Android screen still respond to your touch? Did you opt in for a phone insurance? If not, Yourtronics Repair is the place you want to be. Why spend more money on a new device when Yourtronics Repair can provide you a brand new screen within 15-20 minutes?


Yourtronics Repair provides nothing, but the highest quality Original OEM battery replacements for iPhone and Android devices with of course same-day service!


Possible trouble related to your charger, USB cable, or your phone’s charging port may be what’s causing your phone not to charge. Maybe for whatever reason your phone or tablets power or home button is malfunctioning? Or maybe Audio Function quit responding..? All these listed problems are manageable with Yourtronics Repair. Our knowledgeable technicians offer free diagnosis as well as same-day repair on all components.


Liquid damage is one of the many reasons why your device may have either power or charging issues. The most devastating part of water damage is inevitable corrosion of your devices saved information. Yourtronics skilled technicians can fix your device before the liquid dries and the corrosion process begins in order to recover your most important information as quickly as possible. Put your hesitation and fear aside. Yourtronics Repair delivers great, professional, and honest service that should ease your stress. Whether you have trouble with your Mac laptop (any model) or PC, Yourtronics well-trained technicians will help you resolve all your electronic worries as well as all repairs come with warranty.


What sets Yourtronics Repair apart from other repair stores? The speed by which its certified technicians work to bring life back to your devices- may it be iPhones, Macintosh computers, PC or Windows laptops or desktops, and any other smartphone and tablet brands, Yourtronics will revive your device same day! Our technicians believe in just one thing – saving your devices life one problem at a time!

Yourtronics Repair values the importance of a working computer whether be at home or in the office. We work extremely hard to repair devices with precision as well as speedy service. 100% satisfaction guaranteed, we do not believe in hidden fees! You can be certain that your electronics are in good hands with our knowledgeable and certified team of experts. Call Yourtronics now at 949.791.7206 or fill out our online form to receive a free quote!